Menu Plan Monday: May 18

Please be patient with me! We are closing on a new home in less than a month and the last two weeks have been a little hectic with making the offer, negotiating, inspecting, appraising…things of that sort.  I’m now trying to work through a good chunk of my stash of frozen meat and poultry to make the move less difficult. As I’m sure some of you have noticed, sometimes I’m not able to make my post these days but I do catch them up.

That said, the end of last week was unsuccessful due to house related stuff.  We ended up with takeout more often than I would have liked. So I’m trying to put that stuff in over the coming weeks.

Monday – homemade macaroni and cheese and grilled kielbasa
Tuesday – crockpot roast beef
Wednesday – chicken pot pie
Thursday – beef enchiladas
Friday – pork cutlets with apples
Saturday- lone star chili con carne (never got made from last week)
Sunday – chicken fricassee