a fresh start

no pun intended, although it IS the season for fresh up here where I am! I am more referring to my almost bare stand freezer (still cozied up in the garage of my in laws) and my refrigerator. The fridge is relatively full, but not substantially. I have industrial sized bags of breakfast sausage and chicken tenders, three different kinds of diet soda, milk gallons, juice…you know…all that stuff takes up a lot of room.

Essentially, I am getting close to starting over (kind of). Over the next several weeks, I’ll be restocking my freezer. I am still a huge fan of meals that I can make ahead in bulk (i.e. with my homemade marinara sauce, I can make lasagna as well as portion out regular pasta and meatball dinners. I also love making beef stew, chowders, and other things and then freezing them in preportioned amounts to just pull out and defrost later).

Share some of your favorites. I’d love some new ideas!