Things I Covet: Cabinet Slide Organizers

I LOVE THESE.  I lost so many pans to scratched, nicked surfaces. I still do. (I have to replace my nonstick currently)  Fortunately, the new kitchen has a plethora of organizers!  I have something similar to this picture in two separate lower cabinets, one housing my pots and pans and the other housing my collection of mixing bowls. I also have a lower cabinet that has vertical compartments for stowing cookie sheets and cooling racks and things of that sort. I am in love.

My upper cabinets need some organizing, though.  I bought a pull down , three tier spice rack that suitNtie has yet to drill into my upper cabinet. My spices are still in a packing box in the dining room (hint).  So I’m on the lookout for organizing ideas.  Have any?