Happy birthday, suitNtie :)

Well, it was actually yesterday. We had a barbecue, though, that threw a wrench into our plans (fun as it was) and we decided to celebrate today.

Tonight, we’re having filet mignon and the Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes, with fresh corn on the cob and homemade bread. And a big ol’ chocolate cake for dessert (birthday boy’s choice- he’s a slave to chocolate).  I like cooking expensive cuts at home because it saves SO much money. Now, with Boo and Roo, we have to hire a sitter because they are too young to take to a nice restaurant.  On top of that, the markup is obscene. I bought a full beef tenderloin for $35 dollars a while back (approx. $5.99 a lb) when it went on huge sale and probably cut at least 10 filets from it. I put them in the deep freeze and I’ve been pulling them out for special occasions ever since! I love to go out when we can (no dishes, no kids, aaaaahhhh), but “when we can” is not that often, especially now with our brand new bigger mortgage payment and Boo’s preschool tuition. 🙂

The potatoes that I’m “crashing” are straight from my aunt’s organic garden.  Definitely looking forward to this meal!