Menu Plan Monday: August 31

For those new to the Kitchen, I link recipes that are linkable in my weekly post, but always post the recipe the day it is made and when I can, post a picture as well as my review of it in the comments.  So if you are intrigued by a dinner, come on back to see what we thought!

Also, not every day is a new recipe.  On days where I’m cooking something we already know and love, I try to link to the original post so that you can still try it, but I pose a Question of the Day that I would love feedback on.  On days where we are doing Fend For Yourself (FFY) Buffet, I post something that I “covet” for your review and commentary.

Monday – pasta with homemade marinara and meatballs
Tuesday – funky lime pizza
Wednesday – Asian peanut butter pork tenderloin (repeat recipe)
Thursday – FFY buffet
Friday – Boo’s first day of preschool! Boo’s choice: chicken nuggets and oven fries
Saturday – Romaine Pesto and Egg stuffed tomatoes (gluten free!)
Sunday – homemade chicken, sun dried tomato and goat cheese ravioli in brown butter sauce

This week, I’m also implementing planned breakfasts.  suitNtie and I have decided that we are sick of singlehandedly supporting Dunkin Donuts’ franchises.  So, this week and next we’re alternating between overnight crockpot steel-cut oatmeal and breakfast burritos.

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  1. Thanks, everyone! Zom, I am really looking forward to getting some quality breakfast in-house here. I’m convinced the markup on fast breakfasts is like the markup on diamonds, if not worse. Ugh.

    Lisa, the peanut butter pork is TO DIE FOR. I was shocked at how good it is!

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