Things I Covet: Spice Grinder

I have yet to get to the point where I am buying spices in bulk (because they last longer) and grinding them as I need them (because they taste more fresh).  I *really* want to.  I like that you can just use a coffee grinder for your spices (although you never want to use the same grinder for both) and I *really* like that they are inexpensive (read: $20).

Do you grind your spices at home or buy them already ground?

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  1. I’ve been seriously considering one over the past few months, even if it’s just for grinding peppercorns. I’m starting to really enjoy cooking with fresh ground pepper, but I’m sick of using my PamperedChef manual grinder. It’s difficult to catch the ground pieces in a teaspoon when trying to measure accurately.
    The grinder would really save me some time.

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