Bestill my Irish heart..

I just found my own little slice of heaven on the internet.  A blog devoted entirely to potatoes.

Yes, it’s true. Go see.

See, growing up, I lived with my grandparents and my mother (she was a single mom).  Nana’s dinners always consisted of 1 meat, 1 potato, 1 vegetable.  I just assumed that was how everyone lived!  Nana’s potato salad is famous within our little circle.  Anytime there is a family event, she’s called to make it.  The mashed potatoes were always the biggest bowl at the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.  Sunday breakfasts always included heaping portions of home fries.

Then I met suitNtie and his Italian family.  My love of potato became a huge family joke. I was astounded when I ate dinner at his parents’ house and there was no form of potato on the table.  I was speechless when I found out that they very rarely ATE them.  It’s nothing short of criminal.  I teeter on the edge of calling it child abuse to raise your children in such potato-less households.

So thank you, Daily Spud, for spreading your wonderful potato-ness across the internet. Mmmmmmm.