Menu Plan Monday: October 5

For those new to the Kitchen, I link recipes that are linkable in my Monday post, but always post the recipe the day it is made and when I can, post a picture as well as my review of it in the comments.  So if you are intrigued by a dinner, come on back to see what we thought!

Also, not every day is a new recipe.  On days where I’m cooking something we already know and love, I try to link to the original post so that you can still try it, but I pose a Question of the Day that I would love feedback on.  On days where we are doing Fend For Yourself (FFY) Buffet, I post something that I “covet” for your review and commentary.

Now that the cut-and-paste disclaimer is out of the way… it’s October, people.  I am in awe.  But we cannot ignore the season that approaches (insert collective groan of readership here)!  Now that the expense of my grandmother’s birthday party is gone, my daughter’s 1st birthday is coming in November. My own birthday (and trip to Puerto Rico!) is in early December.  My holiday shopping and preparation has begun. (Thank you, $1 stop at Target and a 40% off toys sale at Kohl’s that I stumbled upon).

That said, we’re tightening our purse strings.  I will be a little less adventurous with any new recipes that I try from now through the end of the year.  I expect to fall back on my classic bulk prep meals (Nana’s chicken soup, spaghetti and meatballs, etc) and use up the stockpile of meat in my freezer so that I can buy only veggies and the week to week items we need at the store.  So keep an eye out as I try to economize here in the Kitchen.

Another item to look forward to that I’ll be adding in is my progress on my holiday gift baskets.  I started making treat baskets last year and they were very well received, so I’ll be doing them again, only in a larger number.  I’ll be posting recipes of what I do and looking for advice, so stay tuned!

This coming week on the Kitchen table…

Monday: Nana’s chicken soup (repeat recipe – from the freezer-  Mom’s club meeting tonight!)

Tuesday:  Sloppy Joes (repeat recipe- from the freezer from the last time I made it)

Wednesday: roast beef (or beast, as it’s known in the Kitchen)

Thursday:     Turkey Taco Burgers (Kitchen original)

Friday:  shredded beef (ahem…beast…) enchiladas (**leftover lovin’ – new feature!**)

Saturday:  tomato/mozz/basil paninis with kettle chips

Sunday:  spaghetti and meatballs with homemade sauce (repeat recipe)

No FFY buffet this week, we’ll be eating everything between dinner and our typical leftover lunches. 🙂

For more menu planning ideas, visit Org Junkie!

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  1. I happened up on your blog and like the menu plan for the upcoming week. My blog is for all aspects of my life but seems to be more about food than anything else. 🙂 I look forward to hearing about your gift baskets. I like making/giving those away and any new fresh ideas are needed- I get into a rut with that too easily.

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