Things I Covet: Nonstick Gas Burner Covers

Lest you think all I drool over are expensive things… feast your eyes on THESE babies!

This is the first time since I got my own kitchen that I have a gas stove, and I am thrilled. I prefer cooking on gas.  That said, boy does it get messy. 🙁  suitNtie handles the after dinner cleanup (it’s our agreement), and sometimes he can’t catch it in time to keep the ceramic liner under the burner from getting  crud on it.  So it’s pretty sad looking right now.

I love these because not only are they nonstick, but you can PUT THEM IN YOUR DISHWASHER. SHUT UP. I love it.  So just in case you let it sit long enough that you can’t wipe it off anymore (I’m just saying) you can rely on your trusty dishwasher to clean it for you.

Plus, you can cut them to fit your stove. Lovely.  Ah yes, you WILL be mine.