Menu Plan Monday: November 2

Seriously, does that really say NOVEMBER?!!?

For those new to the Kitchen, I link recipes that are linkable in my Monday post, but always post the recipe the day it is made and when I can, post a picture as well as my review of it in the comments.  So if you are intrigued by a dinner, come on back to see what we thought!

Also, not every day is a new recipe.  On days where I’m cooking something we already know and love, I try to link to the original post so that you can still try it, but I pose a Question of the Day that I would love feedback on.  On days where we are doing Fend For Yourself (FFY) Buffet, I post something that I “covet” for your review and commentary.

As of today, I’ve menu planned through December 15!  It was necessary- this month is QUITE busy. I’m hosting an open house for my new business, my daughter is turning one and we host Thanksgiving.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, suitNtie and I are on vacation to celebrate the big 3-0! Just today, I made a big batch of chili and the roasted butternut and corn soup. A BUNCH went into the freezer and the rest will finish a lot of lunches this week.

This week marks the beginning of the Kitchen’s Holiday Basket Bonanza.  I started making holiday baskets for gifts for some of our family and friends last year and will continue the tradition this year.  Stick around and I will share a recipe a week with you until Christmas as well as showing my progress with the basket organization!

This week on the Kitchen table…

Monday – chicken cobb burgers
Tuesday – crockpot beef stew
Wednesday – FFY Buffet (wish me luck, I’m taking the Miller Analogies test as part of my grad school application)
Thursday – chicken potstickers
Friday – lasagna
Saturday – takeout. We’re down in Boston walking to benefit lung cancer research in honor of suitNtie’s father. Holiday Basket Bonanza recipe post!
Sunday – crockpot applesauce chicken