2009 Holiday Basket Bonanza: Spiced Pecans

This is the first installment of the Kitchen’s 2009 Holiday Basket Bonanza (HBB). Last year, I started doing baskets for a few recipients on our holiday list. They were so well received that I decided to do them again this year, but I am switching out a few of the recipes to try new ones! I’ll be making a trip out soon to buy supplies and I’ll be updating the Kitchen with pictures as we go!

Last year’s baskets included Oreo truffles, banana bread, homemade white bread and Stonewall Kitchen jam, spiced pecans, brownies, cookies and seasoned popcorn. This year, I am keeping the banana bread, spiced pecans and the brownies and I will make a different homemade bread with jam. The rest is getting changed up! I’ll be doing truffles again this year, but I’m going to do Almond Joy truffles instead of Oreo. I have a very soft spot for Almond Joys. Mmmm. I’m also making some savory crackers and snickerdoodles, and one more savory item TBD.

This week, I’m sharing the recipe for spiced pecans that I used last year. It was great, very easy. My only issue is that I wish I had a bigger cookie sheet so that I could make more at a time!

1 c. sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 egg white
3 c. pecan halves
4 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted

Preheat oven to 300. Line baking sheet with nonstick foil. In small bowl, stir together sugar, salt and cinnamon. In medium bowl, whisk egg white and 1 tbsp water until foamy, then add pecans to bowl and stir until coated. Pour in sugar mixture and melted butter and stir well to combine.

Spread pecan mixture in an even layer on your baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes, stirring twice during cooking. Remove from oven and cool completely.

This makes three cups.

  1. Unfortunately, no. I guess I just didn’t have confidence in myself to think that hey were going to come out as well as they did. I will definitely be taking pictures this year. I buy baskets cheaply at the Christmas Tree Shop or the Dollar Tree (why are these stores always a Tree?), and I get the cellophane bags to hold the foods either at a craft store or online. Then I crush up tissue paper on the bottom in red and green and buy the shrink wrap to cover the basket. This year, while at the Dollar Tree, I found basket bags that I’ll be using instead that were 2 for $1. Sweet!!!

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