Things I Covet: Herb Savor

herbsavorpodLove it, love it.  I adore working with fresh herbs in most instances…what I hate is that I don’t have a running herb garden, so I have to pay hideous prices for small piles of herbs. And then I have amazing guilt when I don’t use them fast enough and I toss them in the trash.

I’m thrilled to have found these in one of my magazines.  The site itself is actually pretty sweet- I will be paging through it soon- but the Herb Savor pods are just a great idea!  And I like that I can buy three of them at a discount, because what will I do with one? Generally, I use more than one herb at a time. 🙂  So, yay, innovation!

Maybe you can check this one out while you’re eating your leftover turkey sandwich. That’s what I’m doing right now. Yum.