Repeat Recipe QotD: Easy Beef Stroganoff

I know! A double QotD!!! Shocking!!!  But it’s the season of giving, and I’m feeling generous.

(Plus I have been planning ahead in anticipation of my upcoming vacation!!!)

Yesterday, I waxed poetically about my love for sandwiches using Thanksgiving leftovers. With regards to leftovers…I generally eat all my leftovers with sandwiches. 🙂 But what I’d love to hear are other ways to use them! I love the low prices around Thanksgiving for turkey…I got a fresh turkey for 79 cents a pound this year and was very happy.  But other times of the year, it’s far pricier. My plan next year is to buy a lot of turkey (in the form of turkey breasts) so that we can enjoy it more often.  I don’t want to do a Thanksgiving dinner every time, though.

How do you use your leftovers?