Repeat Recipe QotD: Black and Bleu Burgers

So, I’ve made “black and bleu” burgers before.  I’m still working on getting it juuuuuuuuust right.  This time, it’s only a slight difference. I roasted some garlic over Thanksgiving and have been using it as a sandwich spread. I’ll be mixing that in to my sirloin this time, with some minced onion and butter. We’ll see how it goes!

With regards to burgers…how do you like them? What’s the best burger you’ve ever had?

For me…it makes me want to cry, actually. I fell in love with a burger I had at Ruby Tuesday called the Boston Blue burger. It had a barbeque sauce made with Sam Adams, fried onion strings and blue cheese on it. It was a little bit of heaven.  That said, after I ate it, I did the one thing no one should ever do when they come home from a restaurant:  check the nutrition info online.

That burger was 1400 calories. I kid you not.  For that reason, I’ve never had it again.  Sadness.

I welcome your stories of burger gluttony in the comments. 🙂

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  1. Ruby Tuesdays decided to put their nutritional information ON their menus a few years ago (well, maybe more than a few – I remember it was in response to SuperSize Me). I wrote to the company and told them I would NEVER eat in the restaurant again until they removed that information from the menus. I understand that some people might want it. Others would rather be blissfully ignorant. 6 months later, they came to their senses and the old style menus returned. 🙂

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