Menu Plan Monday: December 14

So, here’s what I had planned for this week:

Monday – turkey pot pie
Tuesday – roast beef ** (crockpot)
Wednesday – chicken and french onion dip pizza
Thursday- kielbasa and baked beans ** (electric skillet/microwave)
Friday – butternut squash and sage lasagna
Saturday – baked chicken breasts ** (toaster oven, microwave)
Sunday – FFY buffet ***

This week is a little more interesting than usual. Items that have an asterisk are still getting made. Unfortunately, my stove died on Thanksgiving…but then it completely crapped out just before we left on vacation. For a variety of reasons, it’s necessary for us to bulldoze our kitchen island and rebuild it to accommodate a new stove.  So, we are completely without oven and cooktop for the forseeable future (although I expect to get quotes today).  We’re living on crockpot, electric griddle and microwave.  Mmmmm.  So the rest of the week is still being re-planned (as is the rest of the whole year that I had planned).

Sigh.  Bear with me!