Menu Plan Monday: December 28

The final MPM for 2009!!! I can’t believe this is it. The first New Year’s Resolution that I successfully carried out for the entire year. I am so proud of myself. 🙂

Yes, menu planning will continue into 2010. It will be a messy start due to kitchen renovations and our current lack of a stove, but we hit rough patches this year, too. I am confident that we’ll get through it!

This week, keep an eye out for some posting about the year to come on the Kitchen. We’ll be incorporating some new content and features in the New Year!

This week on the Kitchen table:

Monday – grilled cheeses and tomato soup (comfort food to recover from the hectic holiday celebrations)
Tuesday – buffalo style turkey burgers
Wednesday – breakfast for dinner- crockpot steel cut oatmeal with pork sausage
Thursday – Chinese takeout (yes, I know, but it’s tradition)
Friday – FFY Buffet
Saturday – dinner at a friend’s house (Thanks, Kerri!) I’m bringing a dessert TBD. No bake, of course.
Sunday – dijon crusted pork cutlets