Menu Plan Monday: January 4 (AKA the Accidental OAMC)

Happy New Year!!!

As most of you know (or could learn by reading recent posts), I lost my oven at the beginning of December. Since we have to do a kitchen reno in order to replace it, it’s taking us a little time to get things done. In the meantime, I am emptying out my stockpile (finished that this past week) and creatively cooking with my electric skillet, microwave and toaster oven.

Today, however, I’m headed down the street to my mother-in-law’s, whose oven has two sections and is fully functional. She’s giving me the space to use today to cook my buns off. So, this month, I am an accidental Once A Month Cook. I’m cooking everything I can today using her kitchen and freezing for the month of January. I’m giving the full month today but I”ll still post weekly MPMs just to keep the blog active. 🙂  Items with asterisks (*) show ones that were cooked or prepared today.

Monday, January 4–  FFY Buffet – I am at a mom’s club event*
Tuesday – turkey cobb burgers
Wednesday – garlic, herb and wine marinated chicken breasts (grilled)*
Thursday – haddock baked in the toaster oven
Friday – I’m gone for company meeting, I’m leaving suitNtie fixins for a marinated chicken club sandwich.
Saturday – I’m gone for company meeting, suitNtie will have chili con carne*
Sunday – sloppy joes*
Monday, January 11 – crockpot pot roast with veggies, mom’s club meeting for me
Tuesday –  carnitas*
Wednesday – shredded beef enchiladas*
Thursday – maple dijon pork tenderloin
Friday – roasted butternut squash and corn chowder, suitNtie gone for boys’ weekend*
Saturday- doing a home party, eating on the run
Sunday- crockpot beef stroganoff
Monday, January 18chili con carne for suitNtie, roasted butternut squash and corn chowder for me*
Tuesday – peanut butter pork tenderloin
Wednesday – crockpot applesauce chicken
Thursday – turkey cobb burgers
Friday – crunchy parmesan chicken tenders
Saturday – chili con carne for suitNtie, I have a home party, so I’ll be eating on the run*
Sunday – bbq meatballs for me and carnitas for suitNtie*
Monday, January 25 – FFY buffet
Tuesday – mini meatloaves*
Wednesday – breakfast burritos
Thursday – marinated chicken breasts*
Friday – shredded beef enchiladas*
Saturday – crockpot beef stroganoff
Sunday- FFY Buffet

  1. I am so impressed that you can plan that far in advance! Wow! I have a good friend who spent two years cooking with an electric skillet and a microwave while she and her husband were restoring an older home. It was amazing to see what all she could come up with. I hope you will come share your slow cooker recipes on Crock Pot Wednesday. Good luck with all of your cooking and have a great week.

  2. I too am living without an oven. I have resorted to using a tabletop roaster (like for turkeys) it does some stuff but not cakes lol Your plan looks great I hope suitNtie enjoys it…..Julie

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