We’re back!!! Menu Plan Monday: March 15

I promise, pictures are coming of the new Kitchen. 🙂 For now, I thought it was more important to get back into MPM!

Monday – General Gau’s ( a lovely frozen entree in a bag – don’t judge me, I’m recovering from the reopening this weekend and you’ll see I have a busy weekend as well!)
Tuesday- baked haddock
Wednesday – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! The traditional soda bread (from my Gourmet Magazine cookbook) and Beef & Guinness Pie, champ and our friends are bringing dessert. Yum!!!
Thursday – FFY Buffet
Friday – Soup & Sammie Night (I’m doing a home party, so suitNtie is handling the kiddos)
Saturday – Enchiladas (leftover meat from Freezer Fest O’Ten)
Sunday – Boo’s 3rd birthday celebration! Leftovers from the party at lunchtime.