Menu Plan Monday: March 22

This one is a little late because today is my son’s birthday! We had a big party on Sunday, which is the day I would typically post. However, due to a HUGE party and my taking Monday as a recovery day, we didn’t get this posted.

I’m not yet participating in my usual MPM roll call as I don’t feel like I”m there yet, but I am going through the motions here.

Monday – Shredded Beef Enchiladas
Tuesday – takeout
Wednesday – roast beef
Thursday – sloppy joes ( I have a home party)
Friday – a skillet meal (you know, Bertolli’s, etc…. I have another home party)
Saturday – another home party, suitNtie is @PAX East, and my mom will be home with the kids. probably breakfast for dinner for them.
Sunday – company coming over. undecided as to what we’ll do yet.