Menu Plan Monday: March 29

It’s a lot of comfort, no fuss food this week. I had a very busy work weekend and I’m just starting to feel like I’m recovering from February.  Don’t judge me!I also had far too many Sam Adams Summer Ales last night but one hellacious session of Rock Band 2 followed. I guess it all evens out…
Monday – FFY Buffet (leftovers from yummy Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Tenders Sunday night, along with the brown rice, garlic bread, roasted butternut squash and caprese salad we had- we’ll be eating fo’ days)
Tuesday – breakfast for dinner – bacon, eggs, and eggos. 🙂
Wednesday – chicken nugget parmesans & pasta
Thursday – grilled cheeses and Campbell’s soup
Friday – trying something new- MYO nachos. I’m going to put out fixings (including a heavy portion of shredded pork and chicken to balance out the carbs in the chips) and let suitNtie make his own. Kids will be thrilled with this one, and I have my own little preferences.
Saturday – crockpot french dip sandwiches
Sunday – Happy Easter! Ham, ham, and then more ham. 🙂