Menu Plan Monday: May 24 “Tastes Like Chicken”

I can’t believe Memorial Day weekend is almost here. As hectic as Spring has been, it just flew! Grill season approaches (but i’ve snuck out a few times to get my expertise tuned up)…I love summer foods so I can’t wait!

This week, we are anticipating a big house repair on June 1 so I am trying to cook out of my freezer to help offset the cost. I’m using up a whole tray of boneless chicken breasts this week,  trying to get creative with my chicken usage! Some of these are new (Mon, Tues) and some are old and classic (Wed).  I’m even breaking up the week with an almost meatless dish on Saturday that looks yummy!  So even though it’s a chicken-y week, I think it will be a tasty one. 🙂

24. Monday – Chicken Milanese
25. Tuesday –  pretzel crusted chicken breasts with a cheddar mustard sauce
26. Wednesday – FFY buffet, I am working this night
27. Thursday –  arugula salads with grilled chicken, cranberries, goat cheese and pecans
28. Friday –  we are at a wedding!
29. Saturday – corn cakes with goat cheese and crispy ham (from Everyday Food)
30. Sunday – pizza night – roasted chicken with garlic and caramelized onions

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