and so I’m back…from outer space!

…and now I’ll be singing the Weathergirls for the rest of the day. 🙂 Oh, well.

MGCK has had a bit of a drought. It was a perfect storm of events, for sure. A short list:

  1. site was repeatedly hacked to the point of not being able to load
  2. was contemplating redesign anyway, prompting my taking it down temporarily (no, you didn’t miss anything, I haven’t finished for the reason below)
  3. suitNtie was very unexpectedly released from his job.  At the end of June, we returned from a vacation. Two days later, he came home early with the bad news. Fortunately, he started his new job the day after Labor Day. But this leads into…
  4. I had suitNtie at home, which threw major wrenches into my lifestyle and my day-to-day. Not that I don’t love my husband…but it threw me for a loop to have him home and I didn’t adjust well.

In any case, I’m back. 🙂  Informal menu planning this week…so no official post, but here’s the pertinent information:

Sunday – Easy Beef Stroganoff (repeat recipe, gotta love crockpot and only a handful of ingredients)
Monday – roasted turkey breast, peas and a corn casserole if I can dig up the recipe from the goddess of all British recipes, my friend Kerri.
Tuesday – the best salisbury steak and herby mashed potatoes ever (repeat recipe)
Wednesday – pork with parsnips and grapes (from Everyday Food magazine. It’s not my usual flavor profile, but I was intrigued. Here’s hoping.)
Thursday – roast beef with chili/honey mashed carrots
Friday – FFY Buffet
Saturday – we are out of town for a birthday party, so we’ll play it by ear.