Things I fell in love with in 2010…

In no particular order. 🙂

1. proscuitto. I mean the good stuff. Related, the combination of proscuitto and arugula (in pasta, on pizza, etc). Drool. I even made an appetizer on Thanksgiving of proscuitto, gorgonzola and pear/apple jam on toasted baguette. My mom hated it. I was in love. nom nom nom. I’ve come to the decision that I can eat proscuitto with just about anything.

2.  buffalo chicken dip. Easiest thing in the world (and really, a little bit on the ghetto side), but one of those cases where it’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. Recipe coming around Superbowl time, so stay tuned!

3. fried tomatoes. Yes, you read that right. I had a fried tomato and crispy bacon salad during my birthday dinner that just blew my mind. I will be experimenting with this in 2011. I would have married that salad.

4.  salted caramel. I know, I’m a little behind the curve on that trend.  Godiva won me over with their salted caramel bark. Hoo-whee.

5. my Vita-mix.  Mommy loves you, Vee. xoxo.

6. black beans used as a breakfast food. When suitNtie and I were in Mexico in June, there was not a day that went by that I didn’t have black bean sauce on some sort of egg dish. I am desperately trying to recreate it at home. My favorite was a fried egg on top of some sort of cake that resembled a corn cake, with black bean sauce all over it. I might cry just thinking about it. I’d go back there just for that dish (although suitNtie would fight for the lobster thermidor he had for dinner one night, I have much simpler tastes, apparently).

7.    recipes from my Real Simple magazine subscription. I’ve made several (whether they found their way on here or not) and I have been consistently thrilled with the number of ingredients and flavor output for effort. So yay, Real Simple. I’ll be renewing. 🙂

8.  my new kitchen.  My world is a happy place to be. It was hell to get done, but once done- yay.

9.  the local bacon I found in my butcher counter at Hannaford. I was shocked at just how much better it was than the packs of bacon a few shelves away near the Lunchables and hot dogs. Try it, just once.  Ours is applewood smoked. Again, nom nom nom.

10.  The experience of having my son help me make my birthday cake. My favorite cake- Duncan Hines Super Moist Yellow, with milk chocolate frosting (also Duncan Hines).  He was so proud of the cake and loved every minute of helping to make it. I’m hoping to bring him into the kitchen more in 2011.


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