Chicken Pot Pie, revisited and lazy

Yes, I tweaked my recipe again. Gah. Are you sick of me yet? 🙂 I had to take a cell phone photo before it hit the table because you guys are making me feel guilty about the lack of photos. So you get one, with no top crust, uncooked.

1 box Pillsbury (don’t you dare buy another kind, but you are allowed to make your own if you want to impress me) Pie Crusts

2 chicken breasts, butterflied, then diced after being poached in:

1 box low sodium, low fat chicken broth

1 tbsp Stonewall Kitchen Chicken & Pork Seasoning

2 boxes Green Giant Mixed Veggies (zucchini, carrot, green beans in rosemary butter sauce), defrosted (try to drain as much WATER (not sauce) off as possible. Here’s what the box I use looks like:

1/2 jar chicken gravy

2 tsp. Stonewall Kitchen Chicken & Pork Seasoning

Mid afternoon, combine chicken, veggies, gravy and seasoning in bowl and let flavors marry up in the fridge for a few hours before assembling pie. I highly recommend not doing this while potty training your two children, as you will be guaranteed to find a puddle on your playroom carpet when you return.

Preheat oven to 350.  Blind bake bottom crust in pie plate for 15 minutes.

Fill pie plate with chicken mixture, press down, top with crust.  Put a few slits in to allow steam to pass through and bake for 40 minutes or until top crust is nicely browned. A little bubbling is also not remiss.  Enjoy! 🙂