Menu Plan Monday (er, Friday): January 2011, Part 2

Our first full meal plan for 2011!  Cheers!

Format is changing a smidge…I’ve tried weekly, and biweekly, but I will now be doing two menu plans a month because I do my grocery shopping twice a month (suitNtie gets paid on that schedule). I’ve had several episodes of finding a few days where I hadn’t yet shopped but we weren’t quite paid yet, and ended up scrambling around for quick pantry solutions. So, going forward, you’ll see “Menu Plan Monday: MONTH, YEAR, Part (1 or 2).”

Other new items to look out for:

  1. “Extra, Extra” posts (I’ve already made two, go look- these are bonus recipes and guest posts)
  2. Some time this year, I’ll debut with my Kids in the Kitchen section, family friendly projects inspired by my son’s developing interest in cooking and being in the Kitchen with me (yes, I am very proud).
  3. We’ll also touch back into freezer meals and the Once-A-Month-Cooking theory, although the Kitchen will never become OAMC, it’s always good to have a few recipes stored in the freezer in case of emergency.

You may not see a new post every day, depending on the new/repeat ratio of recipes in a given meal plan, but there should be a few a week. So keep checking back to see what’s new in the Kitchen!

15. Saturday – sandwiches and chips, in front of a Disney movie. suitNtie is away and the kids and I will have a picnic. 🙂
16. Sunday – beef stroganoff (repeat)
17. Monday – pizza night – Funky Lime Pizza (repeat)
18. Tuesday – Orange Beef Lettuce Wraps (from Don’t Panic, Dinner’s in the Freezer) (NEW!)(Freezer Meal)
19. Wednesday – BFD- breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon, homefries, pancakes
20. Thursday – arugula salad with grilled chicken, cranberries, goat cheese and walnuts
21. Friday – roasted butternut and corn soup (repeat)

22. Saturday – swiss steak (NEW!)
23. Sunday – baked chicken breasts with wild rice pilaf with dried cranberries and pistachios (rice from W-S American) (NEW!)
24. Monday – FFY Buffet
25. Tuesdaysweet potatoes with a warm black bean salad (repeat)
26. Wednesdayscrambled egg enchiladas with black bean sauce (repeat)
27. Thursday – pizza night – margherita
28. Friday – comfort food night – grilled cheese and soup

29. Saturday – maple sausage breakfast casserole (repeat)
30. Sunday –  chicken fricassee (repeat)