Menu Plan Monday: March 2011, Part 1

I can’t believe I’m making this post already. Sometimes I feel like the older I get, the faster time flies. I’m typing this in the kitchen as I watch fat little snowflakes fly through my backyard and listen to Moo make a huge mess downstairs in the playroom.  suitNtie and Boo are off having “man time” at Best Buy. And I’m thinking that this snow is NEVER going to melt.  I can see about 8 inches of the top of my back fence. Spring, are you coming?

In any case, there’s much to look forward to in March. It’s one of my favorite months, not just because of Boo’s birthday. St. Patrick’s Day approaches! I always have fun cooking that day, although our menu has become relatively solid. I’m a believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I do tweak things here and there though, just to have fun. You’ll see more of that in March, Part 2.

A friend sent me a note today on Facebook, asking if the Kitchen takes submissions. Heck, yeah, we do. I’m a Google queen, but I know I miss things.  And she sent a fabulous recipe over that I can’t wait to try. Now I just wait for pork butt to go on sale. 🙂  The Kitchen LOVES recipe submissions.  Leave a link in a comment on a Menu Plan Monday post and I’ll be sure to see it.  The Kitchen also loves guest postings. If you’ve made something great, and managed to take a photo or two while you were at it, I’d love to get a write up from you about it (particularly if I know you personally).
While we’re talking about community, if you like my blog and find it useful, please tell your friends. It makes me so happy when I see lots of visitors and comments. 🙂  I’ve been convinced to hold a Menu Planning workshop in March at my home for some friends and I’m looking forward to it.  I enjoy doing what I do and it’s helped me a lot. If I can help other people save time and money, all the better.  Thanks again, as always, for reading and commenting and sharing the love.

March 2011, Part 1 menu:

  1. baked ham with sweet potato pancakes and zucchini (NEW!)
  2. burgers Bourguignon (from my very old copy of this book) (NEW!)
  3. italian beef stew (NEW!)
  4. FFY Buffet
  5. baked chicken with green beans and bacon vinaigrette
  6. pizza night: test driving mini deep dish pizzas as potential for Boo’s birthday party (NEW!)(Kids in the Kitchen)
  7. potluck:  Menu Planning Workshop in the Kitchen tonight!
  8. skirt steak with sweet potatoes and parsley salad (NEW!)
  9. crunchy ham and potato casserole (using leftover ham from 3/1) (NEW!)
  10. honey-ginger chicken fingers and mashed carrots with honey and chili powder (NEW!)
  11. FFY Buffet
  12. suitNtie is off at PAX East, so kids and I will KISS and have sandwiches.
  13. pasta e fagioli (from the freezer) (Freezer Meal)
  14. breakfast for dinner: I’m making my own sausage and we’ll have sausage and egg biscuits.
  15. antipasto salad with grilled chicken