Menu Plan Monday: April 2011, Part 1

Trying out a lot of new recipes this menu period. I’ve started paying more attention to what I’m eating and as a  result, I’m looking at more lower fat options for my cooking. I’m not particularly married to the idea of sacrificing taste for lower fat (since I believe you can get both), but there are a few lower fat recipes below.  In addition, I’ve been on a quest to find non fatty casseroles: you know, ones that don’t take a big, honking can of cream of “XXX” soup in it and a bag of cheese.  I found several options and a few are below, as well. I’m looking forward to trying them.
Happy Meal Planning!!!

1 Orange Beef Lettuce Wraps (filling from freezer)
2 Chowder Bake (NEW!)
3 White Bean Chicken Chili (NEW!)(Slow Cooker Love)(Freezer Meal)
4 Thai Chicken Salad (NEW!)
5 Mu Shu Pork Casserole (NEW!)
6 Pizza Night: margherita
7 FFY Buffet
8 Loaded Twice-Baked Potatoes (NEW!)
9 baked chicken & wild rice
10 Low Fat Kentucky Hot Browns (NEW!)
11 Indian Spiced Chicken (NEW!)
12 roast beef with slow cooked tomatoes & garlic
13 FFY Buffet
14 french dip sandwiches
15 turkey stroganoff (NEW!)(leftovers r fun)