Menu Plan Monday: April 2011, Part 2

16. garlic chicken pizza (NEW!)
17. sweet potato & black bean empanadas (NEW!)
18. pork chops with arugula and apples (NEW!)
19. FFY Buffet
20. arugula salad with craisins, goat cheese and pecans
21. chinese pork meatballs
22. BFD:  mini frittatas
23. crunchy parmesan chicken tenders
24.  Happy Easter!  I’ll be contributing a caprese salad, homemade rolls and green beans with bacon and shallot to the feast.
25. lower fat corn & kielbasa chowder (NEW!)
26. Italian beef stew (from freezer)
27. FFY Buffet
28. mini meatloaves
29. grilled cheese sammies
30. out at an Imagination Movers concert with the kids!