Menu Plan Monday: May 2011, Part 1

This month was a bit of a hot mess to plan. Hoo-wee.  We are all going on vacation for a week and there’s the holiday weekend to contend with as well as the end of the class term for me (meaning  a final to study for).

SO, knowing all that, you’re going to see the first ever month of ALL REPEATS in the Kitchen. 🙂 Shocker!  There’s lots of pantry and freezer cooking (in this instance I mean defrosting and reheating things I’ve already made).

  1. pizza night: apricot proscuitto
  2. thai chicken salad
  3. corn cakes with goat cheese & crispy ham
  4. skillet potatoes & kielbasa
  5. tomato and mozzarella panini
  6. butternut squash ravioli
  7. FFY Buffet
  8. Happy Mother’s Day!!! Takeout of some sort TBD.
  9. swiss steak (from freezer)
  10. chicken fricassee (from freezer)
  11. grilled cheeses
  12. fish sticks (no, I didn’t make my own. I’m not that ambitious yet)
  13. BFD:  pancakes and eggs
  14. Italian Beef Stew (from freezer)