Menu Plan Monday: May 2011, Part 2

Sorry this is late. 🙂 Right this minute, we’re all in the airport waiting for our plane back from Walt Disney World (although, if I’m being honest, I’m typing this post in April. Hey, I’m a planner). Thus, no menu plan was needed for the past week. Part 2 is coming a bit late, but I *did* need to menu plan the rest of the month, so here it is. God only knows what shape I’ll be in after running around the past week, so I tried to ease myself back into it…

22. takeout (we aren’t even landing until after dinner, so I expect we’ll snag something in the airport)
23.  white chicken chili (from freezer)
24. chicken chilaquiles
25. BFD:  zucchini quiche (although I’ll be tweaking it to reduce cals and fat)
26.  cranberry turkey burgers
27. Grill Night: hot dog bar (I expect suitNtie will put chili on his, Boo will eat his completely plain, and Moo will douse hers with ketchup and pickles). I’m also (gasp) picking up some baked potato chips as a treat. I’m going to hell in a handbasket, I know.
28. shredded beef enchiladas (filling from freezer)
29. FFY Buffet
30.  Happy Memorial Day!!!  peanut butter pork tenderloin (I love my crockpot and I really miss it in the summer months. So I’m doing these meals while I can!!!)
31.  BLTs and grilled zucchini