Menu Plan Monday: June 2011, Part 1

super late on this one. I am literally doing this today! Eek.  I blame the holiday weekend and vacation recovery. 🙂 This month is kind of messy, because I’m still working my way out of the freezer and the fall/winter items I have frozen and transitioning into the lighter summer fare.  We’ll get there!!!

  1. grilled chicken club sandwiches with a side salad
  2. a baked or grilled seafood tbd
  3. shredded beef soft tacos
  4. FFY- suitNtie and I are out for the evening!
  5. chef salads
  6. orange chicken over rice
  7. crockpot coney island hot dogs
  8. grill night: burger bar
  9. FFY Buffet
  10. chicken & apple wraps
  11. comfort food night: picnic!  PB&Js, chips, cupcakes.  We’re putting out the picnic blanket on the floor. 🙂
  12. pizza night: english muffin!
  13. BFD:  pancakes (from freezer), sausage and scrambled eggs
  14. baked chicken breasts with crumb coated tomatoes
  15. mini beef wellingtons (from freezer) and garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes