Menu Plan Monday: June 2011, Part 2

aka: a giant Fail. 🙂

Aside from being three days late, this month has been a hot mess for menu planning. Yes, I planned, but more often than not this month has been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of dinner planning, which means we’ve been eating kind of crappy. I think I’m in post-vaca mourning right now, heading into what I expect to be an extremely busy summer with Boo in both school and camp, trying to get Moo into some swim lessons, and myself taking yet another class towards my nursing degree.  suitNtie is working his tail off and coming home later than usual these days and it makes for a screwy, crazy dinnertime before the bedtime rituals begin.  Hopefully, it all settles soon. In the meantime, I’m going to not expect too much of myself for the rest of this month.  As I sit here eating four Bagel Bites for lunch, I think I need to stop fooling myself for the next two weeks and be a bit more realistic.

The next (uninspiring) installment of the Kitchen’s menu plan…

16. FFY- I am out celebrating a friend’s birthday with a margarita in hand. 🙂
17. steak on the grill
18. n/a – we are at a big family graduation party
19. Happy Father’s Day!!! filet and sauteed shrimp, arugula salad, and chocolate cake
20. pork cutlets with arugula and apples
21. grilled marinated chicken breasts
22.  pancakes for kiddos, FFY for me and suitNtie (it’s video game night for him)
23.  chef salads (at home date night- hoping to find the League’s second season on netflix?)
24. roast beef with garlic and cherry tomatoes
25. FFY Buffet (could turn into french dip sandwiches with leftover beef, yum)
26. burgers and fresh picked strawberry shortcake for dessert!
27. chicken pot pie
28.  comfort food night:  grilled cheese and campbell’s soup
29. hot dogs and french fries
30. breakfast for dinner:  cheerios with bananas and yogurt