Menu Plan Monday: July 2011, Part 1

Summer weather tends to bring a lot of grill, salads, and Mexican fare to our table.  I am committing to a small amount of oven work, and a little bit of time at the stovetop but I’ve planned it for the weekends.  I’m looking forward to the pasta making- i’ve been meaning to get to it forever and just got caught up. Here’s hoping they come out well, but if not….meatball subs it is. 🙂  So, nothing really new this menu period.  I will be posting a few new recipes up (like the pasta salad on the 4th- have had several people ask for my recipe lately) that are components of the dishes below.

1. grilled chicken quesadillas
2. TBD – at a barbecue
3. I’m taking the night off. No idea, but I’m not cooking it. 🙂
4. What else? Grill night!!! Burgers, dogs, pasta salad. Happy 4th of July!!!
5. chef salads
6. orange beef lettuce wraps (filling from freezer)
7. FFY Buffet
8. chicken chilaquiles
9. sweet potatoes with warm black bean salad
10. BFD: scrambled eggs and biscuits with sausage gravy
11.   homemade pasta and meatballs
12. pizza night: mini deep dish
13. chicken roll ups
14. FFY Buffet
15.  applewood BLTs and fries