Menu Plan Monday: July 2011, Part 2


I can’t believe I’m already posting the second half of July and thinking about back-to-school shopping. This is insane. 🙂

This menu plan finally has a few new dishes.  I am looking forward to trying out some new recipes- it’s been so long. I’m almost recovered from the post-vacation withdrawals…yes, I know it was in May and I need to get over myself.

16 chinese takeout
17 french dip sandwiches and herbed potato salad
18 spaghetti & meatballs
19 grilled chicken salads
20 BFD: ham and spinach hash and eggs
21 out with a very good friend at a restaurant- FFY
22 baked ham and glazed carrots
23 Chinese (again!) – out for a friend’s birthday
24 grilled chicken with stuffed tomatoes
25 balsamic pork tenderloin with wild rice
26 pizza night: margherita
27 FFY Buffet
28 hamburgers and french fries
29 BFD: pancakes and sausage
30 FFY- at a bridal shower all afternoon
31 open face proscuitto & plum sammies

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