Menu Plan Monday: September 2011, Part 1

Oops. Don’t hate me. I’m lucky I even remembered to put this up…August flew by while I tried to finish my class, get everyone ready for school and had a trip up to the lake. Yikes.

In any case, here we go. Schedules are starting to get interesting here and I am intrigued to see how things progress!  I have class and lab Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I’m starting out with some reliable hands-off recipes for those nights, as well as FFY.  I’m in the process of looking for new, healthy options for those nights and our menu in general.

5 crockpot beef stroganoff
6 school night: crockpot pot roast & mashed potatoes
7 christmas eve haddock
8 school night: FFY Buffet
9 crockpot applesauce chicken
10 sweet potatoes with black bean salad
11 BFD:  pancakes & bacon
12 shredded beef enchiladas
13 school night:  FFY buffet
14 baked chicken breasts
15 school night:  hot turkey sandwiches