Menu Plan Monday: October 2011, Part 1

So, I kind of hate when I’m posting the menu plan on a Monday and it doesn’t start until Saturday, because then I forget to post it on Monday and realistically, post it on like, Thursday. Like today.


Moving on…I feel like I say this every time I post a plan, but how is it OCTOBER?!?!?! Gah. Happily, though, this was a super easy month to plan. I am actively trying to use up some of my freezer space, since our side of beef is due for delivery at the beginning of November (cheers!!!!). I’m really looking forward to it, but my freezer will be stuffed to the brim with sweet grass-fed beef. I need to get some space for it! Wrecking my flow is the fact that I’m buying fresh fish ON SALE twice this week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled, but it takes up freezer space. Of course, right? Bah.

I’m also settling into a groove with the kids activities and my own classes. It’s not pretty, but it’s a groove. I’ll take it. I’m sitting here at my kitchen counter with my lab manual and tonight’s lecture notes mixed in with my magazine clippings of recipes and such for this meal plan. It’s a mess, but I think of it as organized clutter. 🙂 Without further ado, the plan:

1 sandwiches and sweet potato wedges
2 baked lemon herb haddock
3 grilled chicken & veggies
4 school night: crockpot beef stroganoff
5 zucchini cakes with ham
6 orzo with tuna, corn & asparagus (originally from Everyday Food, but linked here) NEW!!!
7 bfd: pancakes
8 chicken & black bean enchilada casserole (making an extra for a baby shower the next day)
9 FFY Buffet
10 salmon & zucchini (NEW!!)
11 school night: crockpot beef daube provencal (I’ve made this before but for some reason can’t find the link on the site?)
12 pizza night: mini deep dish
13 school night: rotini & cheese
14 spaghetti squash with almonds
15 FFY buffet