The snow is melting…aka Menu Plan Monday: November 2011, Part 1

and I finally got my power back yesterday right before I left for class. So apologies for the delay. But I am promising some goodies, so stay with me, okay?  Here’s the saga.

I’m sure all of you have heard of (if you weren’t involved in) the huge storm that hit the northeast this past weekend.  We got hit with a perfect storm of snow that caused more trouble with its weight than the actual snow itself. Trees down everywhere and so there were power outages all over the place. My kids haven’t had school all week.  Our generator died 34 hours into the outage. Our generator repair company was out of power too (ah, the irony), so it wasn’t repaired for a while afterwards.

Also, I lost the contents of my stand freezer in the garage and the entire freezer in my house. Thank goodness the pickup for my half a cow isn’t until this Saturday. I came home to a melt all over my kitchen floor from our ice dispenser on the fridge door.  Cleaned out most of the fridge, too.

Ladies and gents, you’re looking at a very interesting meal plan this month. Let’s list the reasons why.

1) I’m starting almost from scratch. I have no meat reserves and a big empty freezer and mostly empty fridge.

2) It’s November. My daughter’s birthday, Thanksgiving (we host), Christmas shopping and a wedding this month (both children are in the wedding and it’s out of state). Let’s call this BUDGET time. I’d been thinking about adding a tag for budget meals, but hadn’t gotten around to it. 🙂

So, the delayed but still very necessary meal plan for the first half of the month. Note the multiple meals that I’m making to start restocking my freezer stash. Not trying anything new to our plates, going with reliable meals we love to eat that can stretch. This trend will continue through the rest of the month, as you’ll see with the next meal plan.

5. hot turkey sandwiches & mashed potatoes
6. sweet potatoes & warm black bean salad
7. crockpot Mediterranean chicken (freezer restock)
8. school night: FFY Buffet
9. low fat corn & kielbasa chowder (freezer restock)
10.  school night:  BFD- pancakes & sausage
11. FFY Buffet– heading out for a wedding
12. crockpot beef stroganoff (freezer restock)
13. crockpot red beans & rice (freezer restock)
14. pulled pork sammies & fries (freezer restock)
15. school night:  FFY Buffet