APB: I need ground beef recipes!!!

So, I went and picked up my half a cow with a good friend yesterday. We split it, since it is expensive to buy that way. I brought two coolers and she brought several styrofoam ones and we divided our haul (216 lbs worth!) right there with the other cows watching over. Horrible of us, I know. But back to the point…each of us got 27 lbs. of ground beef. And this isn’t the bleh ground beef you get at the store…this is grass fed ground beef and sirloin. The *good* stuff. So I’d love to hear from you about some recipes, since I have a plethora of beef to use now.

Mmm. Plethora. Now I need to go watch Three Amigos. 🙂  But seriously- in addition to the ground beef, I have stew beef, brisket, eye round, bottom round, strip steaks, a tenderloin roast destined for our Christmas Day dinner, short ribs, one brisket, shoulder roast and prime rib.  Hoo-wee.

Ways I plan on using the ground beef already: