Menu Plan Monday: November 2011, Part 2

And just like that, November is half over. 🙂 The kids are doing well in school, we’re all basically settled into our schedules, but Mama is the busiest of all right now (gearing up for the end of the school semester, birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving!).  Here’s our menu plan!

16. zucchini quiche & salad
17. maple dijon pork tenderloin
18. pasta e fagioli
19. chicken fricassee
20. spaghetti & meatballs: family birthday party
21.  Happy Birthday, Moo!!! Moo’s Choice.
22. grilled cheese & soup
23. FFY –early Turkey Day prep
24. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Roast turkey (I’m going to try my hand at brining this year), mashed, butternut squash, green beans with shallots & bacon, homemade rolls, roasted pearl onions, stuffing… our table will be plentiful!
25.  FFY Buffet. Like you expected anything else? Happy Black Friday to all!
26. roast beef with garlic and tomatoes
27. french dip sammies
28. BFD: sausage & egg biscuits with homefries
29. hot dogs & French fries
30. chef salads