Menu Plan Monday: December 2011, Part 1


Nothing new on this one.  No time for experimentation this month- with end of semester cramming and the holiday quickly approaching, I’ll be lucky to survive the month! We are again sticking to tried-and-trues and budget friendly meals to get us through.

1. School night – FFY buffet
2. Tacos from the box (!!!) and oven fries
3. Pizza night: margherita
4. Crockpot pot roast
5. Chicken pot pie
6. School night: FFY Buffet
7. Parmesan crusted turkey tenders
8. Happy Birthday to me! Last night of class for semester. FFY Buffet.
9. Hot dogs & French fries
10. I am out of town with the girls to celebrate my birthday. suitNtie will choose!
11. Out for a birthday party/dinner.
12. Sandwiches, as I am frantically studying for tomorrow’s exam
13. FFY- I am at my final exam.
14. BFD: bacon & eggs, homefries, toast. It’s a recovery day. Moo is having her tonsils and adenoids removed sometime today, and so she’ll be going liquid dinner…I’m guessing a smoothie, if she’s even up for that much.
15. Chicken quesadillas