Menu Plan Monday: January 2012, Part 1

Happy New Year!!! A little late with the plan due to holiday madness, but it’s here and I’m happy with it.

2012 has renewed my (forgotten!) commitment to eating healthier and being accountable for what I use to fuel my body. Simply by tracking what I ate, I lost 20 pounds last year…only to gain 17 back during my fall semester. Sigh.  I will try to supply nutritional information on the recipes that I have not already posted for, as they are eaten. 🙂

In any case, I am climbing back on the horse and the meal plan reflects that. Happy and Healthy 2012 to all!

PS- dear supermarkets: Please put fresh haddock or salmon on sale. Thanks.

  1. Happy New Year!!!  FFY Buffet
  2. Leftovers from our NYE dinner (off to a great start, right?!)
  3. Quick Chicken Soup (based on this)
  4. Salisbury Steak (I’m healthifying from here)
  5. BFD:  Poached eggs on toast & fruit (I’ll scramble for kiddos)
  6. Ground beef stew over mashed potatoes (healthifying from this)
  7. Low fat corn & kielbasa chowder
  8. FFY Buffet!
  9. Baked chicken breasts
  10. Loaded twice baked potatoes
  11. chicken & grape skewers (NEW!)
  12.  BFD:  breakfast tostada
  13. grilled cheeses & soup
  14. prosciutto, apple and blue cheese pitas (jumping point from here)
  15. arugula salad with blue cheese and strip steak