Menu Plan Monday: January 2012, Part 2

Class is back in session and we’re all trying to find our groove again. 🙂 Let’s see how this goes!

15. Turkey club sandwiches
16. We are out to see Beauty and the Beast 3D over dinner. ☺
17. School night: rigatoni and meatballs.
18. arugula salad with grilled chicken
19. School night: grilled cheese & soup
20. broiled salmon
21. FFY- I am to Boston for my sister’s 16th birthday celebration.
22. beef stew with homemade bread
23. BFD: bacon & eggs with homefries and toast
24. School night: quick chicken soup
25. chicken tacos
26. School night: hamburgers
27. FFY: I am out with some friends at an ice bar.
28. N/A: suit and I are out for date night at the movies.
29. roast chicken
30. pulled chicken sandwiches
31. School night: hot dogs and macaroni and cheese