Menu Plan Monday: March 2012, Part 1

Please excuse the late post.  Unfortunately, I had internet issues, followed immediately by a computer issue that required a complete clearing of my hard drive and installing a new OS.  All is well, now!

In more Kitchen related news…trying to use up more ground beef, so I’ll be making a chili this week for suitNtie (since I am on “spring break” from classes this week).  I have about four more cuts of beef from my cow purchase this past fall. I can’t believe how fast that went.  That said, I still have a lot of ground beef.  I just got the email from the farm owner about ordering again for this coming fall.  Definitely going for it…and considering buying half a pig, too. Considering how good the grass fed beef was, I can only imagine the awesomeness of the bacon and ham.  Drool.

Yup, still not a vegetarian. 🙂

Boo’s birthday is coming up and will be a pretty quiet affair compared to years past. It’s really all my schedule can handle.  However, suitNtie and I are bringing him into Boston for a day of fun, probably to the science museum. It’s a day of being an only child. We did that for Moo for her birthday last year (to the American Girl store) and it went over very well.  So, there’s really no preparation for his birthday here since I am keeping it very limited, to just snacks, cake and his classmates.  And I’m buying the snacks premade. Lazy girl. Oh, well.

1. School night: FFY Buffet
2. chef salad
3. Italian beef stew
4. Spaghetti & meatballs
5. Broiled salmon
6. Grilled chicken & caprese salad
7. FFY Buffet
8. BFD: pancakes & scrambled eggs
9. suitNtie and I are out for dinner with friends
10. FFY Buffet: I’m out for a birthday celebration
11. Roast beef with slow cooked tomatoes & garlic
12. sammies and soup night – last minute studying for exam
13. school night: FFY Buffet
14. balsamic glazed pork tenderloin
15. school night: funky lime pizza