Menu Plan Monday: March 2012, Part 2

a busy second half of the month, for sure. ūüôā Birthdays and classwork and holiday preparation for the first part of April…oh, my! Not a super impressive meal plan, but it gets the job done.

19. Pork tenderloin with potatoes grandmere (homecooked birthday celebration for a friend)
20. school night: FFY Buffet
21. grill night: burgers and salad
22. Happy Birthday, Boo! school night, but: chicken nuggets, french fries, and Spiderman birthday cake.
23. BFD: scrambled eggs & pancakes & bacon
24. FFY buffet: probably picking through leftover snacks from Boo’s little birthday celebration
25. grilled cheese and soup
26. beef soft tacos with yellow rice and black beans
27.  school night:  hot dogs and mac & cheese
28.  grill night: strip steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions
29.  school night:  FFY buffet
30.  french dip sammies
31.  out for family birthday party