Menu Plan Monday: April 2012, Part 1

only a day late this time… hey, I’m improving.

But seriously, this month is a rough one for me. However, it’s good practice because June is positively evil. School is getting hectic really quickly. Combine that with the kids’ activities, family activities (what little I can actually make it to), other responsibilities…my calendar is overflowing. Here’s hoping I can stick to the meal plan.

If you look closely, you’ll see I’m using the “cook once, use several times” option a few times in the meal plan (brown rice, kielbasa, black beans). Any shortcut I can take with time this month I’m taking!!!

1. Sammies
2. Spaghetti & Meatballs (I am at a study group)
3.  School Night (an exam night, if I’m doing full disclosure): Italian Beef Stew (from the crockpot)
4.  Salmon with zucchini & brown rice
5.  no class!  peanut butter pork tenderloin w/ brown rice
6.  FFY buffet
7.  grilled cheese & soup – lots of kids activities this day and I have a major Ikea trip I’m planning.
8.  Happy Easter! We’re having brunch locally and then we’ll have baked ham here at home with family. Sides are TBD.
9.  BFD: ham & spinach hash with eggs
10.  School Night:  baked sweet potatoes w/ warm black bean salad
11. kielbasa with yellow rice & vidalias & black beans
12.  School Night:  FFY Buffet
13.  low fat corn & kielbasa chowder
14.  FFY Buffet (because really, the chowder is to die for.)
15.  roasted chicken & veggies