Menu Plan Monday: April 2012, Part 2

woohoo! Look at me, on time! ūüôā The end of April gets a little busy…these last two weeks have 25% of my grade crammed in via three exams. Sigh.

16. bbq chicken ( supposed to hit 90, so I’m grilling)
17. School Night:FFY buffet, I have a lab exam this night.
18. broiled haddock
19. School Night:  lower fat baked penne with chicken & sundried tomatoes (inspired from here but adapted for less fat/cals)
20. BFD: bacon & eggs & toast
21.  hot dogs
22. FFY Buffet
23.  grilled chicken salad  with craisins, goat cheese, arugula and pecans
24. School Night: crockpot applesauce chicken
25. takeout pizzas. I probably will have the kids with me at my classmate’s house for study group through dinner hour until suitNtie picks them up!
26.School Night: FFY Buffet, I have my final lecture exam.
27.  BFD: pancakes & eggs
28. hamburgers on the grill and pasta salad (I really need to put my pasta salad recipe up)
29. rigatoni & meatballs
30.  FFY Buffet: last minute studying for cumulative final exam the next day.