Menu Plan Monday: May 2012, Part 1

This one is a little slapdash as I am forehead deep in studying for my final on May 1st as I type this! 🙂 Fancy, no, but it gets the job done.

  1. School Night (last of the semester!): FFY Buffet.
  2. hamburgers on the grill, salad
  3. grilled cheeses – I am out trying to reconnect with some friends before the next semester starts!
  4. baked haddock & mashed potatoes
  5. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Grilled chicken tacos.
  6. FFY, I am gone practically all day for a baby shower. 😀
  7. Mediterranean Crockpot Chicken
  8. mini meatloaves
  9. FFY Buffet
  10. BFD:  bacon, eggs and pancakes
  11. spaghetti & meatballs
  12. suitNtie are off for a vacation ALL BY OURSELVES.  I’ll be back for Part 2 of the month, a little late due to our trip.