Menu Plan Monday: May 2012, Part 2

Okay, mega late here. I’ll apologize for the lateness, but not for the vacation that made me late! 🙂  We had a wonderful week down in the Caribbean. Lots of time with bare toes out getting sun, which makes me very happy, obviously.  Coming back and immediately jumping back into an accelerated summer class has been a bit difficult, though- hence this post being so late. Trust me, you haven’t missed much. I promise. I saved the good stuff to write up here. I’ll be back on (semi) schedule for June!

26. sammies
27. Prime Rib steaks
28. Happy Memorial Day!  slow cooker Barbacoa beef tacos (NEW!!!)
29. School Night:  baked chicken breasts
30. School Night (AND exam night): FFY Buffet
31. salads with grilled chicken, craisins & goat cheese