Menu Plan Monday: June 2012, Part 2

This is a hot mess. But I have the end of my class occurring and finals and studying really throw a wrench into my cooking time!  This is just about the best I could come up with.  Grocery shopping for this  meal planning session is going to include several go tos for the pantry and deli drawer. 🙂

16.  hamburgers/hot dogs on grill (homemade buns), pasta salad
17.  Happy Father’s Day! lobster & shrimp diavolo (no homemade pasta this year, I have an exam the next day, so I’m giving him an IOU)
18.  school night (exam night):  FFY Buffet
19.  school night:  pizza night (margherita)
20.  school night:  sammies
21.  FFY Buffet
22.  rigatoni & meatballs
23.  hamburgers on the grill & fries (homemade hamburger buns)
24.  leftovers from Moo’s post-recital luncheon!
25. school night (final #1!):  FFY Buffet
26.  school night:  baked chicken & brown rice
27.  school night:  BFD:  pancakes, eggs & bacon
28. FFY:  I am taking my last final.
29.  Surprise: we are out at the movies seeing BRAVE!  We’ll be eating there.
30.  TBD: we are up at the lake.