Menu Plan Monday: July 2012, Part 1

Ah, the first half of summer term is over… and the second half is all online coursework. I can finally breathe a little bit!

Looking forward to a more relaxing July and August, for sure. We’ve planned several day trips over the course of the summer, since we are not doing a family vaca this year.

1. Sammies
2. Sweet potatoes w/ warm black bean salad
3. Quick chicken soup
4. Happy 4th of July! FFY night. We’re going to see some fireworks!
5. FFY – I am out with a friend.
6. Tacos & yellow rice
7. TBD- we may or may not make it home in time, it’s a family field trip day.
8. Sloppy joes
9. Lazy man’s roast
10. Biscuits and low fat sausage gravy
11. FFY Buffet
12. jambalaya
13. pizza night: plain cheese!
14. TBD: it’s another family field trip day!
15. Grilled cheeses